Help your child fall asleep easily

It helps your child:

  • calm the nervous system
  • gain greater body consciousness
  • quiet the mind.
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“WHY Do I Have to Sleep?” is the first book in the “WHY”-children’s book series, which the Danish author, Signe Rhode, has written in collaboration with an independent brain researcher and a child psychologist.

About the book

William does not want to go to bed. Why does he have to go to bed when it is so much cozier to sit with mom and dad? Then mom reminds William of how active his body has been all day long and why everyone needs to get some rest.

While William is lying in his bed, he feels how the different parts of his body start to settle down and relax one by one. At the end of a long day, getting ready to fall sleep actually feels pretty nice.


Excerpt from the book:

Now William turns his attention to his belly. It seems very soft and tender.
He feels his arms getting heavy.
Good night, arms, William thinks. You can rest now.


You get:

  • A cozy bedtime story that helps your child feel open to the idea of going to sleep and able to fall asleep.
  • An extra guided relaxation meditation that can gradually lull your child to sleep.
  • Tips from experts on how to make bedtime easy and pleasant.
  • Questions for your child that encourage reflection and dialogue – helping your child feel seen, heard and secure.

I wrote the book straight from my motherly heart.

I missed a way to get through to my energetic little boy and turn his resistance to relaxing into openness and calmness.

I hope, your child will benefit from it too!

Cultivating inner calm

“WHY Do I Have to Sleep?” is a sleep-inducing bedtime story inspired by mindfulness for children

The book turns the focus away from your child and toward the character in the story – who slowly opens up to wanting to fall asleep – while using different methods for finding inner calm.

The book can help your child become more receptive to the idea of choosing to go to sleep, and the guided meditation can help your child tune in, calm down and actually fall asleep.

Nina – Mother of two on the children’s book:
“My children have used the book to get into a relaxed mood at bedtime and have practiced the mindfulness technique at the end.

I was afraid that they would resist the book because it was about having to go to sleep. But because the book did not start off with having to go to bed, they did not resist it. They thought it was interesting.

Reading the book and listening to the guided meditation made their tempo slow down gradually.”

Have you ever been in this situation?

Your child will not fall asleep! It’s late. You’re exhausted. Your back hurts from lying down in an awkward position for too long. You’ve used ALL of your loving patience and understanding, and you’ve got nothing left to give. Although you really try not to let it happen, you end up losing your temper – which makes it even harder to get your child to relax and go to sleep – and leaves both of you feeling tired and unhappy.

Then you have something in common with probably around 99% of all parents.  

In this kind of situation I know there is nothing you want more than to connect with your child and help him or her to fall asleep with ease in a loving atmosphere.

II wrote this book to take focus away from any tension around not wanting to or not being able to fall asleep and to instead tell a calming story that opens children up to the concept of wanting to go to sleep – and being able to do so.

“The ability to find inner peace is key to all happiness and success in life.”

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