Creating a motivation inside your child

I want to make it easier to get through to children in challenges and turn their resistances into openness and inner motivation – so we don’t have to struggle so much.

Learn more about my children’s books – written to entertain and make life more fulfilling.

Why Do I Have to Sleep?

Check out the goodnight story that can help your child feel open and able to fall asleep easily.

You get:

  • An inspiring children’s story that supports development.
  • Tips from experts on how to make challenging daily situations easier.
  • Methods that children can apply to similar situations in their own lives.
  • Questions that engage your child and encourage reflection and dialogue.

How the books work

  • They develop an understanding and motivation inside your child.
  • They help your child reflect over challenging situations and find own solutions.
  • They empower your child to better cope with challenges.

Scientific background

I want the books to create lasting, positive changes in your child’s life. That’s why I wrote them in corporation with a brain researcher and child psychologist to make sure to use the right proven and effective methods that children can apply to their own lives.

How the books can help your child:


Separating the challenge from your child
Looking at a challenge objectively from the outside can make children (and grown ups) open and able to look at the situation more constructively and find solutions. It can be much harder to talk from your own challenges, because your feelings can blur your ability to think straight.

Methods and techniques that empower your child
Practical methods and helpful approaches are built into the stories in ways that encourage children to apply them in their own lives. This enables children to develop a sense of security on their own. It can enhance their mental and emotional strength and give them more self-confidence .

Creating an internal understanding of the reasons why
The books explain the underlying reasons for why we teach children to do certain things. Understanding the benefits behind our actions helps children to open up to reasoning and feel inspired to cooperate out of a genuine desire to do so.

Child psychologist, Berith Lyhne:
“Information gives a sense of security and
builds up a personal force in the child.”

Helping your child come up with solutions
Throughout the stories there are questions  for your child that can help them find solutions themselves – that can be applied for their own lives. When they come to their own conclusion and solution, it’s much easier to accept and apply it in their own lives.

Creating a positive visualization of the situation
The stories can help children make positive visualizations of the situation in their minds. This increases the chance of them reacting similar in real life situations.

Brain researcher, Kjeld Fredens:
“Being involved and challenged and having your senses and imagination activated is what leads to real development and increased learning. It brings the thoughts to a level of consciousness where the child is able to process it. In this way it is possible for even very young children to reach a meta level where they are in dialogue with their own feelings.” 

“A positive visualization in word and picture of another child coping well with a challenge, can give the child an unconscious internal attitude of being able to help themselves in their own lives. And then they go for it. It can actually create self-care and responsibility at child level!”

Hear me talk about the passion behind my books!

Coming soon

I wrote the children’s book “WHY do I have to learn to say never mind?” to help children cope with difficult feelings like anger, frustration, loneliness and disappointment. The book teaches children how they can remove themselves from conflicts and consciously choose self-care.

“It’s a really good message, that we are in control of our feelings, that we can fulfill ourselves and turn our attention where we want it to be. It’s really beautifully done.”


Mother of two

I wrote the children’s book “WHY do I have to eat my veggies?” to bring out a beautiful appetite in children and inspire them to want to taste different, natural foods – while learning the benefits of different kinds of food.

“The book has made my son more interested in  how different kinds of food can make him run faster and get strong muscles.”


Mother of two

I wrote the children’s book “WHY do I have to brush my teeth?” to help children feel open and happy about having their teeths brushed. The book is intended to create positive associations with toothbrushing and sets the stage for a playful, affectionate approach.

“We used to have a lot of trouble brushing my son’s teeth, but it hasn’t been a problem since we began to read this book. Now we make it more of a game.”


Mother of three

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